Car Park Line Marking Perth

We don’t just do car park line marking.

Our services extend to cold storage areas, line-marking removal, re-marking, pedestrian area & stencil marking for councils, shopping centres, schools, industrial areas and many more.

Perth is a busy city with a great deal of foot traffic and road traffic. Can you imagine the confusion and traffic jams that would happen without any line marking? These seemingly simple lines on the road, path, parking areas and other places help to direct both people and cars into the right areas while creating safety for all concerned. Whether you need factory line marking or appropriate lines or stencilling in school playgrounds, we are the people to do the job. Our professional staff have a great deal of experience in car park painting, placing OH&S safety lines and more.

Such lines don’t last forever when traffic drives over them on a regular basis and they are exposed to sun and rain. That is why you may need to remark or install parking bay lines or other lines and stencils, otherwise they are not easy for drivers to see in poor light conditions. If they cannot see where to park it can contribute to stress and road rage, especially if a car overlaps two parking spaces. Make sure that all your traffic lines are in good condition at all times. Once they start to degrade, call us, the professional line markers, to get onto the job for you. We will ensure that all your lines are clearly visible, new and pristine so that cars and people are kept safe.

We also do warehouse line marking to ensure safety and direct traffic to the right areas. Warehouse floors can be dangerous if they are not marked properly, with people coming and going, engines running and warning reversing beeps all contributing to the noise and confusion. The only way to ensure the safety of foot traffic is to mark lines on the floor where they can go. Then when noise makes things confusing, both drivers and people have only to look at the floor to see where they should keep to. Without such line marking accidents are sure to happen.

We offer competitive, affordable rates and a top quality service.

Call us today to find out about our full range of services, we cover ALL areas of Perth, WA and surrounds. We are ready to take your call now.