Handyman Balcatta

If you own a commercial or industrial property in the Balcatta area in Perth, you are sure to be in need of handyman services for property maintenance sooner or later, especially if there are trees in or around the property.

Trees drop leaves, twigs and other debris such as bark that can all become a fire hazard whether it is in your guttering or on the ground.

These potentially dangerous materials must be removed before a fire happens, not left until smoke surrounds your property.

Such chores are just too much for most business owners or managers to do since they have their business to run. And it is far better for them to concentrate on doing that and leave handyman chores to us, JCA Handyman Services.

We can send a professional out to your property to make sure it is fireproof – as much as any property can be in summer.

We do many other chores for real estate agents, strata management, home owners and anyone who is preparing to move. Our repairs and maintenance will leave your property looking spick and span, with tenants eager to sign on the dotted line. We can do lawn mowing, yard clean-ups on a one off basis or regular tidy-ups, depending on what you need.

If you have dirt, mould, stains, moss or graffiti on or around your building, call us to deal with it. Our high pressure cleaning will make short work of anything nasty that does not belong on your building. Graffiti removal is one of our specialities. Once the place is cleaned up, you might consider doing a few improvements to enhance the look of the property and make it more attractive to tenants.

We can handle things like small paving works and skylight installation and we even do carpark line marking. But it is when you have a stress-laden removal to take care of that you will really appreciate us. We can come in and handle all your furniture and office equipment assembly or complete office fitouts, whichever you need a hand with. You can have peace of mind because we really know what we are doing. In fact, when it comes to moving sites and lease handovers we can cover you and do all that is necessary to make that building look impressive.

Taking care of your investment is an essential job that if left undone can cause a great deal of loss and depreciation of the building. Don’t let this happen to you. We will be happy to look after your investment as if it was our own. We take pride in our work and we don’t leave behind rubbish for you to clean up after we have finished. We take it with us along with any other rubbish you want removed as well, leaving your property spick and span.

Our professional staff are well trained and experienced in all facets of property repair and maintenance; real estate agents smile with relief when they see us coming! They know they can trust us to do the cleaning and other work they have retained us to do – and that it will be done in a timely manner, before the next showing of the premises.

So for all your work in the Balcatta area, please contact us today to discuss your needs for property maintenance. We will be happy to give you a quote.