Handyman Gnangara

Whether you are a real estate agent, home owner, in strata management or are preparing to move, you are sure to be looking for a handyman to help you.

JCA Handyman Services is based in Perth’s northern Suburbs and does a lot of work around the Gnangara area.

JCA is the place to call for all property maintenance and repairs no matter whether the job is large or small. We can get you out of a fix if you have jobs to do and no skills or time to do them.

Our professional handymen are in the Gnangara area daily and are expertly trained and experienced in all manner of outdoor yard maintenance from lawn mowing and regular tidy-ups through to complete yard clean-ups, painting and small paving works.

If it needs fixing, cleaning, building, painting or re-staining, call us to do the job and save yourself the time and energy needed.

If you have ever attempted a handyman job you will probably realise that it often takes a lot longer than you anticipated. But if you put us in charge, you will have plenty of time to play golf or take the kids to the beach.

Make your life easier and more enjoyable by outsourcing some of those maintenance jobs to us. We will be happy to take care of things. We can replace damaged boards, re-stain timber, built decks and pergolas or do any other handyman project you envisage. Another important job that is sure to need doing from time to time is gutter cleaning to remove leaves, twigs and other debris before it becomes a fire hazard. Anyone who lives in a district where fire has raged will know of the tragedies that happen with people losing their homes. Outdoor maintenance such as this can help to protect your most valuable asset, your home.

You will also know that when you build an addition such as a deck or pergola, or add small paving works, it increases the value of the home exponentially, making it more attractive to tenants or buyers when you decide to sell, not to mention enhancing your lifestyle while you are living there. Our handymen can do all these kinds of jobs and more. Fencing, painting, fixing tiles, wrought iron installation and adding a shade sail are just some of our favourite things to do.

To increase your home safety, you might want to consider installing new or better locks. We install locks and screens, whether you want to install fly screens or put up a screen for privacy. If you have screens already, screen replacements may be needed now or in the future as the weather and pets’ scratching contribute to their degradation. Having new screen installations done is a breeze when you get a trained professional on the job.

We can even reinforce support beams in your home if it has been invaded by termites, or build your kids a cubby house in the backyard. Imagine their delight when they come home from school to find a brand new cubby to play in.

So don’t let the thought of all the work involved prevent you from having the additions or getting maintenance that you need for your home or premises. You can simply get us to do it. We will do a top job and take our rubbish with us when we have finished. Call us today to discuss your needs and get a quote. We’ll get the job done.