Handyman Joondalup

If you are a homeowner or an estate agent in the Joondalup area North of Perth and you are in need of a handyman, or professional handyman service for building maintenance we are here for you.

We also offer our services to strata management and anyone who is in the process of moving and needs a hand to clean up.

Outdoor maintenance is not an easy task for many people, which is why we started up JCA Handyman Services. We can come in and take care of regular tidy-ups and yard clean-ups as well as other building maintenance such as lawn mowing, cleaning leaves and twigs out of guttering or even painting the walls or fence so that you don’t have to do it. We have all the tools and equipment needed to do the many jobs around the home that are likely to be needed.

Our high pressure cleaning unit is just one piece of equipment that usually gets a good workout taking care of dirt, mould stains, moss and even graffiti. Leaving these things on your walls and roof can really make your home look shabby and decrease its value. Then if you go to sell your home, you won’t get the kind of price it is really worth.

Call us to deal with those difficult and time consuming tasks such as tile repairs, gutter cleaning and painting to ensure your home looks spick and span all the time – and you have time to spend with your family instead of working. If you have trouble with leaves blowing into your guttering, our gutter guard supply and installation will get you out of trouble.

Some of the other services we offer are small paving works, supply and/or install skylights to create more natural light in a dim room, and installing clear or tinted PVC roofing if you are of a mind to create a covered area outside that you can enjoy your alfresco meals under. Skylight installation is not an easy job for the home handyman, but we have had many years of experience in doing these types of jobs. Skylights are one way to save on the cost of power as they make use of natural lighting.

Roofing is an important part of any home or building to keep it in good condition. It only takes one tile to become loose and the whole lot is in danger of lifting off when the next storm comes thundering over the horizon. Don’t let this happen to your home. We can check over your roof tiles to ensure all the tiles are tight and keeping out the rain like they are supposed to.

It is easy to turn a blind eye to such building maintenance and repairs, but it will only cost you more in the long run if you don’t get it fixed as soon as possible. Losing a large portion of roof will mean the ceiling and internal walls get damaged as well as the flooring and all the furniture. So getting one or two tiles fixed ahead of time is really worthwhile.

So whether you need a one-off handyman chore done or would like regular building maintenance, JCA Handyman Services are the people to call. We can take your call right now and will be happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote.