Handyman Landsdale

When you have commercial or industrial premises in Landsdale they have to be maintained if they are to remain fit to lease out and bring in that needed income.

No one will want to lease premises that are full of junk, unpainted, dirty or need some kind of major repairs. Even minor repairs that have not been done will turn prospective tenants away.

We offer handyman services and property maintenance for commercial and industrial properties and sites, as well as for rentals and residential. We cater for:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Strata Management
  • Home Owners
  • Anyone Preparing to Move

You can get all those essential repair and cleaning jobs done and know that they have been done properly when you hire us. Our handyman staff have all been trained and have many years of experience in doing many different kinds of jobs around a property. We can put up shelving, install disabled access rails, supply and /or install skylights, build a fence and even do general welding where it is needed.

If you have a commercial property in Landsdale to lease or are in strata management, you may want to consider shade sail installation so that those who lease your property will have somewhere shady to sit outside. It is often small things like that which can make a difference in people signing that lease contract or going to look at another site.

Every building has gutters to take the rain run-off away from the building, but if there are trees around, guttering usually gets full of leaf litter. This poses a fire hazard and can quickly rust out the guttering unless you have gutter cleaning done on a regular basis. One way to avoid the need for constant cleaning of gutters is to have us do gutter guard supply and installation for you. This will keep the leaves out so your building will be a lot safer next time there’s a fire in the neighbourhood.

You may also want to add other building protection such as a porch over the front entrance or even over the car park area. We install tinted or clear PVC roofing to protect your car, the entrance of your building or in any other place where it is needed. Next time there is a hail storm or it teems with rain, you’ll be pleased you did it – and so will those who use the building. It also increases the value of the building to add such things.

Another thing that many warehouses or large buildings have is dim lighting. This means employees are working in dim light which is not safe, or the boss has to spend a fortune on electricity for lighting. Why not install a skylight or two? Our professionally trained crew can supply and/or install skylights to create a safe and pleasant workplace – one that you will have tenants lining up to sigh the lease on.

We can do many other repair and maintenance projects such as mow the lawn, exterior painting, erect and paint fencing, replace weakened or broken floorboards, put up more shelving, install insulation and many more jobs. Having these jobs or others done on your commercial or industrial building will keep it in good repair and it will remain a great asset for many years to come.

If we haven’t mentioned the job you want done, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote.