Handyman Subiaco

When it comes to Subiaco commercial, retail and office areas it is essential to ensure that they are both safe and clean.

Building owners and managers cannot do this because they are busy with the many other chores that they have in their line of work. The real estate agent can’t do it because they are not contracted or trained in doing property maintenance. If you need a handyman, then contact us at JCA Handyman Services.

We have a team of handymen at your disposal ready to come and install that shelving, put in disabled access rails, or even do insulation installation to make that building more user friendly and cut down on air conditioning or heating costs. We can change or upgrade the locks, re-stain timber that is looking past its best, or do any other touch-ups or varnishing and sealing that needs doing to get your commercial office into top shape.

Prospective tenants will be eager to sign on the dotted line when they see that the office is ready to move into with nothing else needing to be done.

You may need both locks & screens seen to as well as wood staining or painting for your office building. We are good at doing quality work such as this because our handymen are all trained and experienced. Screen installation, skylight installation, and high pressure cleaning are things that we are good at and love doing. Graffiti almost jumps off the wall and runs when we get on the job. We can get rid of dirt, mould and stains too, so if you need brick & paver cleaning you know who to call.   Mould can be especially dangerous when it is inside. It releases toxin into the air that are breathed in by all the office staff and visitors alike. This can cause asthma, hay fever and other breathing difficulties.

If you have a warehouse or other commercial building that is not as good as it could be, call us to replace damaged boards or reinforce those support beams. We can also do small paving works, carpark line marking and other outdoor maintenance chores that crop up all the time. Need fencing to keep your commercial premises or office safe from vandals? We can erect Colorbond or steel fencing or timber fencing, whichever is best for your needs. We do exterior gate and fence painting as well.

Rubbish is the number one enemy of many Subiaco business establishments. We offer rubbish removal services and when we work on your premises we always remove any rubbish that is created. We won’t leave piles of leaves from the guttering to go mouldy on your lawn; we’ll get rid of them. And if you have other rubbish to get rid of, just let us know and we’ll take that too.

Once we are on the job you can have peace of mind that your commercial premises or office will always be spick and span, offering a pleasant and safe place for employees and customers alike. Your tenants will be happy to sign the lease for renewal when they have everything they need. Your investment is safe with us; we will look after it as if it was our own.

Call JCA Handyman Services today to discuss your needs or get a quote for your job. We are ready to take your call right now.

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