Handyman Wanneroo

If you own your own home or rent out an investment property in Wanneroo, there is always the need for property maintenance to ensure your asset does not lose value.

And in many cases, people who work all day just don’t have the time or motivation to start working on building maintenance chores when they get home from work. Often, weekends that should be a time to relax and recoup energy are spent doing many handyman chores instead. Avoid wearing yourself out by hiring JCA Handyman Services.

We also offer our services to strata management and real estate agents who must ensure their home or commercial rentals are properly maintained and painted before the next tenant arrives to view them.

Our services include such chores as install locks and screens or fly screens, we build decks & pergolas, replace damaged boards and re-stain timber. Some of these jobs need to be done between tenants or after a break-in, especially when it comes to locks. Tenants may wish to change their locks just in case a previous tenant kept a key.

Anyone with a cat or dog will know that screen replacement is necessary on a regular basis. We can do screen installations in doors or windows if your precious pooch or moggy has scratched it out and torn it. And if you want to do renovations such as adding decking & pergolas, our professional handymen can do that for you. All you will have to do is stand back and admire the results. We can build support beams for a shade cloth or decks and pergolas so that the structure is strong and sturdy. Or if your present structure is a bit old and wobbly, we can reinforce the support beams for you.

Encourage your kids to get healthy by playing outdoors. A cubby house will delight them and keep them busy for many hours. It can become a fort, a castle or a boat, depending on their imaginative game. Don’t worry about building it; we can come and take care of that for you. Our handymen are well-trained in doing these kinds of projects. We can build and paint the cubby house so that your child can have somewhere fun to play, whether it is raining or fine.

We can do handyman jobs anywhere in Wanneroo for your house as well as mowing and general lawn and yard maintenance. If you have wrought iron installations to be done, contact us. We can also build fencing, either Colorbond, steel or a timber picket fence; no matter what your needs are we can handle it. And if you have a timber fence already that needs to be repainted we will be happy to do that for you. Unless you keep the paint up to date the timber will soon rot away and that means installing a new fence.

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