Australian made Spitwater 3000psi pressure cleaner

High pressure cleaning is a great way to get rid of a multitude of problems that can make your house or any residential area look dirty and uninviting, as well as pose a health hazard.

For instance, certain kinds of indoor mould can release toxins into the air you breathe, causing asthma, hay fever and other breathing difficulties. Outdoors it looks unsightly and can ruin paintwork or any other surface it is growing on. Moss may look attractive, but it can certainly create a hazardous, slippery surface on the drive or footpath that can cause a nasty fall and broken bones. It can also rot the timber it grows on.

The trouble is, both are difficult to clean off even with bleach, because they are living organisms with roots that grow down under the surface they grow on. So you may think you have removed them, only to find they come back again within a short time. It really needs high pressure steam cleaning or a water blasting service to remove the roots and ensure the surface remains clean well into the future.

Dirt and stains are also often difficult to remove, especially from unsealed concrete or external tiles. And often, dirt splashes up onto the walls during times of heavy downpours, leaving a stain even though you wash it off afterwards. We are professional brick and paver cleaning experts that offer cleaning services in and around Perth, WA. Helping to keep our beautiful city clean is what we do with pride – that is why we have invested in all the best tools and equipment to do the job properly. Our professional staff undergo proper training to ensure they do the best job possible in a safe and timely manner.

Using our Australian Spitwater 13HP Honda Hot Water Pressure cleaner, we clean all types of hard surfaces, driveways, carparks, limestone & quarry tiles plus more.

We always use hot water which is heated on the back of the truck by the purpose made instantaneous heater and it’s the best way to bring out the greatest results, in particular with oil & grease stains.

JCA are Waterwise conscious. That’s why we use our Millers Falls BF580 Wet/Dry Vacuum to suck up the water as we go so as not to run the dirty water into garden beds or your pool!

Whether your needs are for commercial and industrial pressure cleaning or residential pressure cleaning, JCA can help with both.

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