Most men love to mess around with tools. Some of them are successful in doing renovations or building maintenance to their homes; many are not as successful as they hoped. Still others make a big mess of it and have to pay more to have it fixed than it would have cost them to get a professional handyman in to do it. Or it takes them twice as long to do it and they run out of time, leaving the house in a mess until the next weekend. Meanwhile everyone’s stress levels are soaring.

Finding a professional handyman to do the work can certainly save you a lot of stress, even if you are capable of doing the work yourself. There are only 24 hours in each day and you very likely spend 10 or 12 of them at work when you count travelling time. Then there are the usual chores to do over the weekend, such as mowing, shopping, or taking the kids to sports or other hobbies or interests.

So just when do you have the spare time to accomplish those handyman jobs? You cannot possibly do it at night after the kids are in bed. That is the very time your body needs to rest if it is to cope with tomorrow’s work related stress. The adrenaline of starting a new project may keep you going till midnight, but what about the next day? You will be tired enough to go to sleep in the car. Trying to be superman and do everything is a recipe for disaster. Doing it at weekends will take time away from your family and from relaxing when you need it most.

Picture a different scenario. Your home needs maintenance; painting, cleaning out gutters, roof tiles fixed or some other project. You phone the handyman and tell him what you need done, then pack up the kids and take off for a day at the beach. When you come home, the job is done and you can relax for some downtime in front of the TV. This is sticking to the kind of balanced lifestyle that will keep you – and your relationships – in good health.

Since stress is one of the main things to cause a myriad of health problems such as heart attack, ulcers, high blood pressure and more, it is not a good thing to put yourself into situations that will increase your stress. It is not about being unable to do the job; it is about the time you have to spare and living a balanced and healthy life.

So if you have a maintenance job for a handyman, let him handle it while you go out and play golf, have a day at the beach or generally do something else to nurture your relationships and unwind.