If you own a house there will come a time when maintenance on it must be done. Without maintaining your home or rental, the value of your asset will decrease and you won’t be as comfortable as you could be. In fact, a home can just about fall down around you if it is neglected for too long. Roofs and guttering can develop leaks and rot out all the framework, termites can eat out significant portions of the floor, walls or ceiling timbers and even paintwork can degrade, allowing water in to warp and rot timber.

But if you work, you will know there is not all that much time to do most of those chores; they usually take much longer than you expected. This can be due to your own lack of skills – when you are not doing such things all the time, you cannot become highly skilled or quick to complete a home maintenance job. Plus you won’t have the same tools and equipment a professional would have to do the job properly.

For instance, getting onto the roof to replace a tile may sound easy until you find you don’t have a ladder long enough. Is it really worth the risk of falling just for the satisfaction of doing something yourself? A handyman will be well equipped with all the right tools and he will also have insurance if he is a professional. If he falls, he won’t lose money while he recovers from a broken leg; you will.

However, there is another important reason to use a handyman for your home maintenance. If you work all week, it is important to use the weekend for recovery if you are to keep that important life balance. Spending time resting and interacting with your spouse and children is important, especially for those who work long hours and hardly see their family during the week.

Your children need your attention and the weekend is the best time to give it. If you get involved in doing home maintenance chores you will have to neglect the children to do it, because little ones cannot participate. They may even endanger themselves trying to help. This will add to your stress levels and you will face Monday morning tired out physically and emotionally.

You may think it will save costs to do the job yourself, but it may cost even more if you make some expensive mistake. If a handyman makes a mistake, he will pay for it; if you do, you must bear the cost yourself. It is very easy to accidentally put a hole in the wall or cut into a water pipe when you are intent on doing some kind of repairs.

It is far better to leave maintenance chores in the hands of a handyman you can trust while you relax with your family.